Let us introduce you to the secure open-source alternative to Teams!


Hey there Linux community,

Earlier this year, we launched Twake, a collaboration platform that improves your team productivity, especially in this current era of remote work.

Twake is finally out of beta testing phase and is live on ProductHunt today!

Our goal is to become #1 Product of the day and we need your help to achieve your goal!

Please take a quick minute out of your time to give us a boost!

What we updated :

📱 Mobile app

🌟 Improved channel management ️

✍️ WYSIWYG message editor

🗃 Better file storage system

🛠️ CMD+K (yahouu!!)

💡 And much more….

We still have :

🚀 Quick and easy to use with all your tools in one platform

🗣️ Chat with your team through channels or direct chat

🗄️ Share and store your files with our drive

✍️ Collaborate in real-time on your files

📌 Organize your tasks to kickstart and track your projects

👥 Share your workspace with external partners

🇪🇺 All your data is secured, encrypted and hosted on European servers

👐 Open source and self-hostable with code available on GitHub

Thank you!

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