KDE Frameworks 5.87 New Release is Here

Linux Tux

KDE Frameworks 5.87 is here to make the Plasma Discover graphical package manager faster when checking for updates and when loading the initial content from any of the Add-Ons categories. It will also fix a crash in the Dolphin file manager, Plasma desktop, and other KDE apps when undoing a file copy, and add icons in the Breeze icon theme for different types of Godot Engine files.

Furthermore, KDE Frameworks 5.87 greatly improves support for Kirigami-based apps by making the header text in their toolbars smaller, in order to better match the scale of everything around it, add correct spacing between items in narrow and mobile-style form layouts within groups, add support for navigating between sidebar list items using the arrow and Enter keys, and hide some textual headers. Learn more here.

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