Just to share a little personal history


I was poor, my mon was a clean lady in a hospital, one day in 2008 (i had 15 years at the time) i gained a schoolarship in a techinical IT course, i was always curious about stuff, i read about windows thin clients and terminal services servers and tried to experiment with them with virtual box in the school lab, it was impossible the dealing with required licenses and microsoft DRM restricted my learning, than i read about something called linux…. a free ("not free like in free ber, but free like in freedon of speech") operational system? sounded interesting, but i was still a total newbie at IT, then i read about a "Linux for dummies" book in my country, it was "Linux servers, a practical guide" from Eduardo Morimoto, it was expensive for me, we were really poor…. i talked to my mother how i liked it, then my mother cuted her hair and sold it to buy the book for me……. holy shit, i dived in it head straight and never came to the surface again…

After i learned the fundamentals with the book i could experiment till my hearts content, i was welcomed by helpful community of people more experienced than me, everything i had doubts someone already answered it some forum, or writed an extensive article about it, step by step, in two stances trhough the years i had asked an advanced question in forum expecting for another helpful peer to answer and how shocked i was when the fu**** lead of the project answered my full details…..

by these factors my learning process was simply unrestricted, anything i needed to know i just needed to search or ask, i became a senior sysadmin and some collegues asked me "how could learn linux? linux is so difficult"

what? proprietary tools that are difficult, everything is gate keeped, or pay gated

well, today im a senior linux system administrator and network infraestructure analyst, i could pay my mon college and now she is an business administrator, it was everything because of linux (and of course my mother), not because of an sole entity, but by the whole that linux is, every developer who contributed code, every writer who keeps publishing about linux, every peer who so helpfully answered any question, even the peers who engaged with me in heated debates about different perspectives

if you are reading this thinking if you will try linux or not, come already, you are losing the party

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