Just switched to Linux, specifically POP OS and I’m loving it.


I switched from windows 11 after watching a SomeOrdinaryGamers video and I was considering it anyway but after the “always online” news that came out with Microsoft recently. It seemed relatively straight forward to setup and use.

At the moment just about every steam game I have works with performance that I’d say is better than windows. Although some games especially like dying light 2 have some annoying bugs but I think that’s just the game itself as I was having the same issues on windows.

I’m currently playing Battlefield 4 through Lutris and it feels smooth as hell but for some reason I can’t aim to save my life. I have mouse acceleration off and whatnot, it feels different to windows.

I can’t play games with anti cheat either which excludes a lot of titles me and my friend play nightly. Might have to dual boot windows.

In terms of a desktop experience it kind of reminds me of Mac OSX which is probably why I got used to it so fast.

I do use it for productivity as well such as coding.

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