jc: JSONify the output of dozens of common GNU/linux commands and file types


Hi everyone – I've just released version 1.7.1 of jc.


jc converts the output of dozens of common gnu/linux commands and file types to JSON so you can use tools like jq to filter instead of lower-level text processing tools like sed or awk.


For example:

$ ls -l /usr/bin | jc --ls | jq '.[] | select(.size > 50000000)' {"filename": "docker", "flags": "-rwxr-xr-x", "links": 1, "owner": "root", "group": "root", "size": 68677120, "date": "Aug 14 19:41"} 

Here is a blog post on the motivations for this project:


And here is a fun use-case using jc, jq, and jp to plot system stats on the terminal:


Happy JSON parsing!

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