Jakym, An Open Source Command line Music Streaming application with spotify playlist support.


I created this application so that I could use the command line to play music easily. I often play games and listen to music simultaneously but using either Spotify or playing music in a browser takes much-needed resources from my CPU and RAM.

I have spent a lot of time looking through numerous CLI based music players. But they either required setting up lots of things, needed premium features to function or sometimes flat out didn't work even after tinkering with them for hours. Hence I thought that instead of looking for a solution, I should code it myself.

So I present to you JAKYM, Just Another Konsole YouTube-Music.

  • Run the program using jakym command jakym or call it as a python module python -m jakym

  • This will open up the jakym command window.

  • Type '''spotify'' to play music using spotify playlist or enter a songname to search for song or enter its youtube link.

  • jakym will queue all the songs once you type them and play them one by one

Install from here



All Issues and contributions are welcome.

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