Introducing MPR: the AUR for Debian and Ubuntu based systems


Dear Linux community,

while Archlinux has AUR and shows how packaging is done properly, Debian and Ubuntu based systems are a bit messy with many options including, but not limited to:

  • PPAs
  • custom repositories (often containing only a single application)
  • Snap (preinstalled and enforced on some Ubuntu systems)
  • Flatpak (issues and limited functionality because of sandboxing)
  • Appimages (they are great, IF they work properly)
  • custom install scripts (which install files somewhere in the system)

In order to solve this, MPR was created.

It works very similar to AUR and is using PKGBUILD files to define the packaging process.

The pkgbuild equivalent is called makedeb and a first MPR helper called tap does also exist, which allows you to install, manage and uninstall MPR packages. (tap install mangohud)

Since MPR is quite new, the number of packages is still limited and while it is increasing daily we are reaching out to the community and packagers to add their software.

If you have any questions / suggestions / ideas / complaints, feel free to join our Matrix server:

  • room name:
  • full Matrix url:

Thank you for reading and feel free to share and spread the word.

EDIT: due to the feedback we got from the Debian community, only the latest Ubuntu LTS will be supported, but maintainers are free to support as many Debian / Ubuntu based distributions as they want.


MPR is an attempt to bring an AUR like repository to Debian / Ubuntu.

It is quite new and thus only contains a small number of packages and maintainers. So if you like this idea and want to contribute, feel free to do so!

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