Instaled Linux Mint on my mother’s old laptop and she is loving it.


Holy moly, people said you could bring new life to old hardware but i did not expect how good it was going to be. Super easy to install, everything seems so intuitive and every time i had some doubts about stuff it was easy to find information online.

I choose Linux Mint Xfce Edition and her laptop rose from the ashes, she is so happy (showed me her laptop 2 or 3 times already thanking me and getting excited she didn't need to buy a new one).

She uses mostly Excel sheets and browser apps so i think she wont bother me with much technical things (i hope).

I'm really excided to start using Linux, my mother convinced my father and my sister to opt for Linux, they are just backing everything up and we will make the change soon. If Elden Ring is compatible with the distro ill change my OS to Mint in no time.

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