I’m Matthew Miller, Fedora Project leader — Ask Me Anything


Hi everyone! I'm Matthew Miller and I've been Fedora Project Leader for almost five years. We did one of these two years ago, and also two years before that, so it seems like a good time for another one. Lots of exciting things going on in Fedora, so … ask me anything.

Well, actually, anything except anything about the IBM deal. I can't even speculate about that (and the fact is, I really don't know anything more than public statements anyway). But anything else!

EDIT: Taking a break to go watch Captain Marvel with my daughter. She wanted to know what all this Infinity War / Endgame hype was all about, but as a perfectionist wanted to see all the other MCU movies first. We marathoned everything streaming but ran into a predicament: Captain Marvel is out of most theaters but not yet streaming, and if we wait for that, Endgame will be out of theaters too. Fortunately though, there is one last showing in the area tonight which we cannot miss. I'll check back after that (late this evening) for other questions and discussion that have come in, and then we'll wrap up. Thanks everyone!

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