If GNOME is so criticized for heading in a wrong direction, why do Linux vendors and main distributions (with large user base) still pick it as the default desktop for their users?


Debian, Fedora, SUSE, RHEL, Ubuntu, in short the bulk of Linux mainstream space, all support GNOME as their main edition. I remember a while ago some graph with poll results were posted in this sub about the popularity of different desktops and even distributions like Arch where you pick what you want and openSUSE which is a KDE distro still had a significant GNOME penetration. We might argue that popularity doesn't equal quality or merit (like Windows) but I'd say that when it comes to Linux it's not so, it's not pre-installed in every device like Windows and Android, no one forces you which distribution and desktop to use, so most people use what they prefer, which means GNOME must be doing something right to still gather the preference of Linux distributions and their users.

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