I think the real reason why people think using the terminal is required on Linux is a direct result of the Linux terminal being so much better than the Windows terminal


Maybe not "better" in terms of design, but definitely "more useful".

Everything on Windows is built for the GUI, and Command Prompt sucked ass. Windows Terminal and PowerShell are decent but old habits die hard. It was a text input prompt and not much more. Until recently you couldn't install software using it (pls daddy Microsoft make winget at least as good as Chocolately while you're at it) and most other core system utilities don't use it. You can't modify settings with it. When you are describing to someone how to do something, you are forced to describe how to do it In the GUI.

Linux gives you a choice. The terminal is powerful enough to do anything a GUI can. So when you're writing instructions to a beginner describing how to do something, you're obviously going to say:

Run sudo apt install nvidia-driver-510 in the terminal and restart your computer when it's done

..and not

Open Software and Updates, go to the "Additional Drivers" tab. Select the latest version of the NVIDIA driver under the section for your graphics card that is marked "tested, proprietary", then click Apply. Restart your computer when it's done.

The second one is twice as many words and you have to write it in prose. It's valid to give someone just a wall of commands and it totally works, but it doesn't work so well when describing how to navigate a GUI.

So when beginners ask how to do stuff in Linux, the community gives them terminal commands because that's just what's easier to describe. If the beginner asks how to do something in Windows, they get instructions on how to use the GUI because there is no other way to do it. Instruction-writers are forced to describe the GUI because the Windows terminal isn't capable of doing much of anything past copying files.

This leads to the user to draw the conclusion that using the terminal must be required in Linux, because whenever they search up how to do something. And because running terminal commands seems just like typing magic words into a black box, it seems way more foreign and difficult than navigating for twice as much time through graphical menus. A GUI at least gives the user a vague sense of direction as to what they are doing and how it might be repeated in the future, whereas a terminal provides none of that. So people inevitably arrive at "Linux = hard, Windows = easy".

So yeah… when given the option, just take the extra five minutes to describe how to do it in the GUI!

I know I've been guilty of being lazy and just throwing a terminal command out when a user asks how to do something, but try to keep in mind that the user's reaction to it will just be "I like your funny words, sudo man!"

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