I love this feeling when I get exactly what I want from my Linux experience


I just wanted to share this with someone. I'm not a computer-savvy but I love Linux. Once you get to know it, you start finding out it's actually very simple: whatever you'd like your PC to do, there's surely a way to do it. And whenever I manage to accomplish what I wanted my PC to do, I get this satisfying feeling, maybe it isn't big deal but I did it and it works exactly the way I wanted it to!

These small goals go from deactivating the touchpad by just adding a single command to my '.profile' file of my old Lubuntu laptop to writing short bash scripts and key-binding them. From testing different window and file managers to sticking to i3wm for a while. Then I start wondering what would it be to test different tiling wm's and realize that maybe there's a whole new world of possibilities! (But right now I'm pretty comfy with i3wm, to be honest.)

Anyways, if you ever feel proud of your own small and simple goals, you're not alone!

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