I am looking for a roadmap to understand linux fonts.


Hello guys, so I am an archbtw user, but I have failed to understand how linux fonts work.

I remember having troubleshooted font stuff many times.

For example I wanted the gotop graph thingy to work correctly, and it turned out all I had to do was uninstall some font package (just installing the correct fonts didn't work).

At some other point I remember having to install some GUI application to select some font.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me understand how the system determines which font it needs to use on each application.

For example, right now my emojis on chromium are scuffed ( With the whole Ukraine situation I keep seeing "UA UA UA" emojis instead of the flags for example).

I understand this is mainly an xorg thing ? I'm pretty lost sorry, but I would greatly appreciate any insights.

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