I am about to fork CutefishOS, and I need your help.


Little context: I was recently looking into a post saying that CutefishOS is basically dead (And by this point there isn't any doubt of that). Their email is not responding, their website no longer can be found, and any GitHub commits are basically pretty simple things. Apparently the reason is not enough funding.

Under that post, I saw someone saying about reviving it again, and replied saying that if there are a few of us looking to do so I was ready to help. Long story short, about 10 people wanted to help me, so I've decided to overtake their distribution and recreate it from scratch using their desktop, apps etc.

And this is where the first questions start:

  • 1. What would you like to see from a distro like CutefishOS? Any recommendations, improvements? Don't be afraid to ask for some major changes.
  • 2. CutefishOS was using both Ubuntu and Debian as it's own base. I've also thought of Arch but I'm worried about stability and user friendliness, but it's not gone yet as an idea. Which one do you think would suit you better out of these three?
  • 3. Any particular things you don't like about CutefishOS? (Literally anything).
  • 4. Since this isn't really CutefishOS but rather a fork of it, I'd like to hear some name suggestions. Preferably not mentioning any other distro than CutefishOS.

I might create a GitHub repo to discuss everything there as devs, as soon as I'm sure there are people interested in the project.

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