How to start being a Linux person?


I have always been flirting with the idea of myself becoming a Linux lovin' son of a gun. Since when I was 13 or so I watched with awe that there is something different, exotic and new. Terra incognita if you wish. No matter how I tried I have failed. Again. Again. Again. But here I am and I want to change. I WANT to join the Linux company. I want to explore the lands of unknown.

I stand here before you, oh the wise Linux sages! How to master the art of Linux? Where to start the journey? How to become one of thy fellowship and how can I master the art of Linux based OS myself?Which distribution to use? What channels on youtube should I watch? Oh, wise sages, do share ye wisdom with me!

EDIT: Guys just take it easy, I really want to get into Linux but this whole post is loaded with humor and tiny bit of irony <3

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