How To Set Up Manjaro Linux 20 with Screenshots + Video

Linux Tux

Manjaro was the first Linux distribution I was introduced to when I first started using Linux over nine years ago. At the time, it was not only my favorite distro but one of the most stable distributions. For me, this meant I barely ever distro-hopped. It worked perfectly with my machine. I ended up using it in college and also telling my non-Linux friends about it, and even converted some over to Manjaro, who previously had only ever heard of Mac or Windows.

Today, I thought it would be neat to relive my Manjaro days for a while and see what’s new. So, in light of that, I’m going to go through how to flash Manjaro onto your USB and then install it onto your PC. These instructions were written for Manjaro Linux 20 but will likely work for newer versions too. Happy Linuxing!

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