HDMI Sucks! What can we do about it?


So I found out recently, as I'm looking for a new display, that HDMI2.1 doesn't support Linux — as mentioned in this issue tracker and this Phoronix article. What's more, this isn't blocked by any technical issue, but by legal issues, because the HDMI forum has blocked any open source implementation of HDMI2.1 drivers. This means HDMI2.1 will not work on Linux until: the patent expires, the law changes, or the HDMI forum changes their minds.

So, HDMI sucks. What can we do about it?

  • Petition? Unlikely to succeed unless some big players in industry get involved.
  • Boycott products with HDMI? Could be effective if enough people commit to it, but that means committing to not buying a TV for a quite a while.
  • Lobby for legislation that would help prevent private interests from stymieing development of public, open projects?

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