Has anyone else found that their Windows IT knowledge has diminished greatly since moving to Linux?


This is a bit of a fluff post, but I thought it'd be fun to discuss. Like most Linux users, I'm an ex-Windows user. Now when it came to windows, I considered myself rather adept at troubleshooting and solving windows problems. I was that guy in your family or friends group that was the default "IT guy" – no matter what problem you were having. Most of the time I was able to solve things, navigate around comfortably, try troubleshoot steps, the whole lot. However… Since I migrated over to Linux (full-time) about a year ago, I've noticed that a lot of the muscle memory and general knowledge about windows has just sort of… faded away.

I'm still the "IT guy" in my social circle, most of whom use windows, so I often get questions about how to do X or solve Y in windows 10/11. Up until a few months ago I was still pretty good at it, even without access to a machine running windows. Nowadays however, it's a completely different story. If it's not something rather obvious or easy to fix, I tend to struggle. A lot of it can be chalked up to "wait, does windows allow you to do that?" among desperate calls for a real terminal emulator with gnu coreutils.

When a friend has an issue on windows, my mind defaults to "okay, open terminal, do XYZ, test, repeat, etc etc" but then I realise I can't just tell my friends to type some terminal commands to solve their problem. Its really opened my eyes to the freedom Linux gives the user, both in terms of general computing & more advanced config. I know this post is just fluff, but I thought it was interesting. Especially as someone who had basically been using windows their whole life. A lot of that knowledge is just… gone.

I've taken to telling my windows friends "I don't know how to troubleshoot your OS" and it does the trick, ha.

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