Happy Linux user


Because I have seen many "Goodbye Linux I am back to Windows" posts, I felt an urge to counteract, and post a positive review.

I have been using Linux since 2016 when I got my last laptop, because I hated Windows 8. I haven't use Windows since then, even at work (back-end developer), after changed employer twice. My current distro is Debian, because I couldn't continue using Linux Mint and sound professional 🙂 Our servers are all Debian so it works perfectly for me. I do need to manually compile/install fresh software sometimes.

I know some people might be wondering whether they would need to log back and forth to Windows: well not for me: all tools I need (VPN, IDEs, remote desktop clients, databases, packages…). Obviously I often I use web clients instead of desktop applications (internal messaging, video call software etc..), so this alleviates the need to manually install anything even further. It also happened to me that some of libraries we used (optical character recognition) were only available under Linux, so my less lucky colleagues had to docker/VMs.

I hear people saying that using Linux implies a learning curve: true, but not only everything I learnt is directly related to my work, but I also enjoy it. ACTUALLY owning my laptop, and being THE admin is the way.

Some people say that Linux is "only for nerds/ developers". This is not true, I actually have a business background (but that time is over).

Being able to use Linux is kinda a privilege, and I am happy to be privileged 🙂

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