Google Chrome v88 got hardware-accelerated decoding support


Just tried Google Chrome v88 (Dev/Unstable) and was pleased to see that now MojoVideoDecoder works. Users of Intel and AMD GPUs just need to:

  • go to chrome://flags, enable "Hardware-accelerated video decode" (chrome://flags/#enable-accelerated-video-decode). Now check chrome://gpu for "Video Decode: Hardware accelerated"
  • install h264ify extension to force h264 codec.
  • Launch some YT video
  • go to chrome://media-internals, click on "blob" of that video and check if "kVideoDecoderName" = "MojoVideoDecoder"

Flag was available since Chromium v86 but it didn't work without "use_vaapi" build flag. Now upstream enabled it by default so I expect that distro packages of Chromium would have VAAPI as well.

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