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GNUstep Live CD is a free and open-source live CD operating system that uses the GNUstep desktop environment. GNUstep is a free and open-source implementation of the OpenStep framework, which was developed by NeXT (later acquired by Apple) and is the foundation for MacOS X. The live CD allows users to boot the operating system directly from a CD or USB drive without installing it on a hard drive.

The live CD includes a wide range of software applications and tools for everyday use, such as web browsers, office applications, multimedia players, and more. It also includes a variety of programming languages, development tools, and utilities, making it a useful tool for developers and system administrators.

The GNUstep Live CD is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable, with a focus on providing a stable and reliable operating system for both novice and experienced users. The development of GNUstep Live CD is not active.

  • OS Type: Linux
  • Based on: Debian, Morphix
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Architecture: x86_64
  • Desktop: WMaker
  • Category: Free Software, Live Medium, Raspberry Pi
  • Status: Active
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Aliases – GNUstep, GNUstep Linux

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