From my experience, LTS releases are not more stable to justify the old packages than “regular” ones.


Hello to all of you terminal warriors.

So I've been using Linux for some time and I go on and off from distributions and releases. Always interested to see "what's new" on distributions I like.

Usually, I am going for Arch-based and more specifically Manjaro or for *.10 releases because they are more up to date with the software and just work better in my experience.

But when a new LTS or second point release comes I give it a try hoping it will be really stable and I will just leave it for a long time like LTS is supposed to be used.

But that's never the case. It's not only more stable it's buggier and very often works worse/slower than the 9 months supported releases or Manjaro.

For example Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10:

20.04 is using older GNOME and compared to 20.10 it's a lot slower on my machine, the animations are worse – still laggy and jittery.

The software center is a lot slower and I have regular crashes like every time I try to install something from the store when I press the desired program the store just crashes.

Some packages are missing in 20.04 but are available on 20.10: Amule.

VLC has some weird problem and doesn't want to close from time to time. It stays in the try area and the only way to fully close it is to fully kill the vlc process.

And the list goes on and on…

Nothing of this is happening in 20.10.

I am a web and software developer and some stuff I use require more up to date packages (I think npm was one of them) that I have to manually update so I can do my thing.

So how OS containing old packages with bugs in them (there will never be a perfect release) are more "stable" than new releases?

Updates are usually to FIX problems.

New kernels: they are released for a reason too. Better support and fixed bugs. They can hold to update for a month to see if there is a problem just like Manjaro is holding packages for a little longer after they are released on Arch.

And the last thing: the security aspect – look the thing with Thunderbird.

Anyone else in the same boat as me?

P.S: I am on Ubuntu 20.10 right now.

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