For everyday use, it seems like distros don’t vary much


Been using Linux as my personal machine on different levels for years now. Did use it on my work machine but eventually had to switch to Windows.

I like Linux because I can make the desktop look and feel how I want. I like using the command line on occasion to do things etc.

Though I had basically used Debian and Ubuntu derivate distros for years. It was till past few months I switched to Arch and then now I'm trying openSUSE.

It really just seems like…the only difference is what package manager is used and the specifics of it. Everything else is just desktop environment.

Like Arch uses the AUR with pacman, and you can use yay. Ubuntu/Debian uses ppa's and deb packages. Now on openSUSE seems like it's zypper and such.

Once I get that all sorted out…it's just a matter of grab KDE I like and all the different apps I like.

I've looked up some like videos and articles…but lot of them go into like comparing the default DE of each which doesn't make sense. KDE is the same on all of them.

DAE feel this way? Is there something more to look at?

It just all seems like its way more complicated than it really is I guess.

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