exeCute now runs transparently exe and bat files on Linux



Using bare wine and dosbox usually gives problems when launching a mixture of Windows and MS-Dos applications.

Launching a Dos program on Wine sometimes fails, as Wine performs all kinds of custom configurations intended to use Dos programs in particular cases.

So a while ago I created exeCute for being able to tell the difference among the two types, and launching the exe directly into the right emulator. With the parameters that will look closer to a native experience.

But still running Dos programs was difficult if they required a disk image, as that needed making a custom script for each game under this category.

Today I have fixed that. If you launch such program, exeCute will look for disk images in the same folder and mount them on D. If there are none, the exe folder will be used as D instead for maximum compatibility.

In summary, now launching exes on Linux only requires clicking on the desired exe.

Here's a demo:


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