Do you think Linux desktop could break past 5-7% over the next few years?


Many great advancements and achievements have been hitting Linux desktop. From Proton working with almost all games and it's growing even more, to some popular tech people *coughs* Linus Sebastian *coughs* using it and talking about it more. Along with a bunch of other smaller but just as nice things like less buggy / more user friendly DEs and packages, and more GUI friendly application (because we can't force people to use terminal, whether it's easier for us or not, does not mean we can force it on them).


I can see the mass judgement is "no, because lack of support for applications, games, etc, lack of OEMs selling it as the default, and because it doesn't have good management support like Windows that corps love and need. All very good points, I wish we could get some big growth but I sadly do have to agree with you guys.

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