Disabled new Linux user looking for advice


I recently discovered the GNU/Linux system maybe 4 months ago. Since discovery, I've been completely fascinated with it. I've recently got into computing history, and there's a wild entire world of computing I was simply unaware of. This has been a great learning experience, however I am running into 1 massive problem: the terminal. This isn't a refusal to learn or a fear of complexity. I have crebral palsy. To put it very simply, it is a birth defect that induced minor brain damage at birth that has greatly damaged my bodies muscular control. If you've ever seen the videos of people in power scooters who can barely open their mouths, let alone speak, and often have their arms bent inwards, is a stereotypical extreme case of my disability. I am one of the lucky ones. I can talk, with the only detriment being an extremely montone voice, and I can walk, and use my hands, albeit poorly, with some effort. I cannot type as a "normal" person. I am forced to "hen peck" or "hunt and peck" where I use the index fingers on each hand to hit keys. I physically lack the hand dexterity to type. I've attempted to teach myself how to type, but my hands refuse to carry out the orders I give them, and cramp in reply. My hands cramp extremely quickly. Even typing this is very painful. I like Linux. I absolutely do. I hate Microsoft and the fact that Windows is a proprietary, closed source pile of spyware, and the very fact that NSAkey exists fills me with rage, and I absolutely adore the FOSS belief system. I want to switch to Linux, but it is simply too painful for me. I've been told there are programs that are able to allow you to do everything through a GUI, but I can't find them. What programs would basically allow me to do as much as possible through a GUI? I'm fine with using a terminal, but even having to use "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade." Every day is annoying and painful enough to greatly limit my desire to do a full swap. I want the terminal to be there if I need it, but only if I need it. If that doesn't make me a "Linux Chad" so be it, but I want to use Linux in a way that doesn't cause me literal intense physical pain every time I use it. I've spent a little under an hour trying to type this and have lost most feeling in one of my hands besides some pain typing this, so I hope that at least shows my dedication. Thanks to anyone who can help me. This could very well be a make or break issue for my continued use of Linux. I use mostly Debian based distros and prefer the apt package manager. Someone who can't type much wouldn't do well on Arch. Hopefully I can get this resolved, otherwise I'd have to go crawling back to Windows and Microsoft, and I want that as little as everyone else here

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