DietPi Released a New Version 8.6

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DietPi is a lightweight Debian-based Linux distribution for SBCs and server systems, with the option to install desktop environments, too. It ships as a minimal image but allows the user to install complete and ready-to-use software stacks with a set of console-based shell dialogs and scripts.

The project released the new version DietPi v8.6 on July 2nd, 2022. Highlights of this version include:

  • New hardware support for PINE64 Quartz64 Model A, Quartz64 Model B, and the SOQuartz Compute Module.
  • Prometheus Node Exporter for hardware and OS metrics including HAProxy support.
  • Tailscale, a free cloud-hosted VPN service option.
  • ZeroTier, another free cloud-hosted VPN service.
  • Rclone, quasi the “rsync for cloud storage”.
  • PiVPN with unattended first boot installation.
  • Amiberry updated to latest version (5.3).

The full release notes can be found at:

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