Did not even realize my new Gnome install was running Wayland


Was getting bored of Plasma (and it's rather unstable) and wanted to try something else. Reinstalled the whole OS because KDE leaves too many configs behind, screwing up my Gnome install.

Gamed on it for about more than a month, and wanted to screw with X (non-existent), only to find out I don't even have X installed. All my games and stuff, including Rocket League, Monster Hunter World, PC Building Simulator, some Muck here and there, also some native Ark and CSGO, has been running under XWayland flawlessly out of the box, no tinkering needed whatsoever, with basically no performance issue compared to when I was using X.

Things that I can't really measure the performance includes Telegram Desktop, Firefox and Steam, all works with no hiccup. Then I tried OBS which also worked flawlessly.

One thing I did notice though, is significantly reduced tearing from my games and video playback.

So far, the only problem I encountered, was when I disconnected one of my monitors (I have 2 with different resolution) to use it with my Switch. When I switched the monitor back to my PC, fonts and scaling get fucky wucky. But that has only happened once, and I switch between my Switch and PC on this monitor very frequently.

Otherwise, for my day to day use, this is already better than X.

EDIT: Relevant specs:

– Ryzen 7 3800X

– 6700XT

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