Weekly Questions and Hardware Thread – July 17, 2019

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Linux Experiences/Rants or Education/Certifications thread – July 15, 2019

Welcome to r/linux rants and experiences! This megathread is also to hear opinions from anyone just starting out with Linux or those that have used Linux (GNU or otherwise) for a long time.

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Git-logger – A classic git punch-card in your terminal!


Git-logger is a 160 line Bash script that replicates the git punch-card that was once available on Github – and it runs in your terminal 🙂

The initial release was in 2018, but it had serious limitations when baking large projects. Hopefully these have been solved!

Here are a few screenshots:

This new version of git-logger bakes the Linux project (quite large) in around 10 sec (Intel i7-2600):


The GIMP project…


The guys at Microsoft go for lunch at around 1pm….


And, as an example of a small project, here is Feynman:


Simply copy the script git-logger.sh to the target git folder (GIMP for example) and type:


Feedback is greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy this tool!

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