Manjaro – Arch Linux CLI Cheat Sheet

Below you will find an easy to use Manjaro CLI (command line interface) cheat sheet. Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux so this is an Arch Linux CLI cheat sheet as well. This list should contain most commands that you may use and are sorted by category. If you would like to see a command added or see an error please leave a comment.

Access Rights

sudo command # executes command as root
sudo -k # empties password cache
sudo visudo # edits /etc/sudoers
passwd # changes user password
chown owner:group # changes owner and group of file
chmod permissions file # changes the file permissions
      to set permissions in octal mode:
      4 (read) 2 (write) 1 (execute)
      example - 755 read-write-execute for owner
      amd read-execute for group and others
ls -lh [dir] # displays files and permissions [of directory]

[use man command for more information]

Files and Directories

cd dir # changes the working directory
cd .. # changes to the parent directory
ls # lists directory contents
ls -a # also lists the hidden files
cp target file # copies the file
cp -r target directory # copies the directory
mv target source # move/rename target source
rm -r dir # removes directory recursively
ln -s file link # removes directory recursively
mount -t type dev path # mounts file system
mount -o loop iso path # mounts iso image
/home/user # home directory of user
/etc # directory with global configurations

[use man command for more information]


ifconfig # displays network information
iwconfig # displays wireless network information
iwlist scan # lists wireless access points
/etc/rd.d/network ifup interface
/etc/rd.d/network ifdown interface
/etc/rd.d/iptables {start|stop|restart}
ufw enable # enables the firewall [package Community: ufw]
ufw default allow/deny # allows/denies all incoming traffic
ufw status # displays firewall status and rules
ufw allow/deny port # allows/denies incoming traffic on the specified port
ufw allow/deny from ip # allows/denies incoming traffic from specified IP address

[use man command for more information]

System and Screen

uname -r # displays the kernel version
uname -a # displays all the kernel version
df # reports file system disk space usage
top # displays system tasks
procinfo # displays system information [package Core:procinfo-ng]
pstree # display a tree of processes
Ctrl+Alt+Fn # switches to tty n
Ctrl+Alt+F7 # switches to the X session
rc.d start daemon # starts a daemon
rc.d stop daemon # stops a daemon
rc.d restart daemon #restarts a daemon
shutdown -h now # shuts the sytem down
shutdown -r now # restarts the system

[use man command for more information]

Package Management

pacman -Si pckg # shows package information
pacman - S pckg # installs a package
pacman -Rns pckg # removes a package, its dependencies and configuration files
pacman -Syu # complete package upgrade
pacman -Ss name # searches for packages
pacman -Q pckg # diplays installed packages
pacman -Ql pckg # lists all package files
pacman -U pckg.tar.xz # installs a package from a file
pacman -Qm # lists manually installed packages
yaourt -S pckg # installs a package from AUR [package AUR: yaourt]
yaourt -Syua # complete package upgrade including packages from AUR

man pacman.conf/makepkg # learn more about pacman
* use pacman as root or with sudo
 use yaourt as non-privileged user



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