Canonical should ditch Snap, embrace Flatpak and improve APT


I think nearly everyone except Canonical agrees that Flatpak is better in just about every way compared to Snap: it’s a lot faster, integrates better with the system (especially theming), and it has more 3rd party support now.

But Flatpak, by design, cannot replace the system package manager; it is intended to run GUI apps in a self-contained way. You can’t install a kernel, driver, or desktop environment in Flatpak. This leads to the next problem: apt is antiquated. The biggest issue is that unlike dnf or eopkg, there is no one liner to rollback an apt transaction. This feature, alone, could save users a lot of pain, e.g. when an LTT style meltdown occurs. Nor it would be very hard to implement. Another improvement that could be made is to make apt update before upgrade (not an issue on dnf).

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