Can we stop calling user friendly distros “beginner distros”


If we want people to be using linux instead of Windows or Mac OS we shouldn't make people think it's something that YOU need to put effort into understanding and belittle people who like linux but wouldn't be able to code up the entire frickin kernel and a window manager as "beginners". It creates the feeling that just using it isn't enough and that you can be "good at linux" when in reality it should be doing as much as possible for the user.

You all made excellent points so here is my view on the topic now:

A user friendly distro should be the norm. It should be self explanatory and easy to learn. Many are. Calling them "Beginner distros" creates the impression that they are an entry point for learning the intricacies of linux. For many they are just an OS they wanna use cause the others are crap. Most people won't want to learn Linux and just use it. If you want to be more specific call it "casual user friendly" as someone suggested. Btw I get that "you can't learn Linux" was dumb you can stop commenting abt it

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