Big thanks to the Linux community and all the developers who contribute to it!


Seriously Linux is in a fantastic state these days, it really is. Im on Linux Mint, I switched over from Windows 10 about 2 months ago and everything has been mostly fine. I did this switch previously maybe two years ago now but ended up back on Windows because I needed 2 screens for RDP for work. Now Remminas latest flatpak has multi monitor support, so I have that now. Im not a guy who only uses a basic browser and a text editor either im a software developer who plays games. I have some pretty complex needs (or at least I think I do). Just off the top of my head:

  • I need RDP to get into my work machine.
  • I have 2 screens of varying resolutions, I need both of these to work with RDP.
  • I use multiple audio output devices, one goes to an external DAC, the other to the headset.
  • I have a home server running Samba, I need hassle free access to those file shares.
  • I need it to play movies, all types codecs formats (just play idc what format it is!).
  • I need it to play audio files (again same as movies, any type).
  • I need to play games, primarily Factorio and occasionally War Thunder/World of Warships. Sometimes other stuff but mainly that.
  • I need an IDE of some kind for C#, also C++.
  • I don't need it but Kodi would be fantastic.
  • I need popular software like Zoom to work, not because I really need it but others might need me to make use of it.
  • I need all my hardware to work. I have 3 mice (I know, it's weird, but it works for me). I have a webcam that needs to work with Zoom or Slack or whatever.

And holy balls all this stuff works!! All of it! It's all there. With nice applications to back it up, Celluloid/VLC for movies, Audacious for music etc, theres a lot of actually good choices. Go back 5 years and Linux was fine but it wasn't a viable replacement for Windows for me. Gaming was horrendous. Today I don't see myself going back to Windows again. I fully realize that this isn't the work of just 1 person or company. There's DXVK and Steam proton making gaming good. I've got Factorio minimized as im typing this. Okay it's Linux native but this is the kinda seamless thing that works on Windows that on Linux in the past would maybe have an issue with. I.e maximize again and the game crashes, or it dosent maximize at all etc etc. But not anymore! There's whoever cooked up flatpak making stuff like Zoom an easy install, also allowing for more up to date stuff than from an official distro repo. This is why I can use multi monitor RDP with Remmina application, the latest flatpak allows this. Also big props to the guys making Mint. This UI is excellent, it just has everything I expect to be there. Even stuff like downloading a .deb, it will sort it for me. Not leave me to navigate to the thing and figure out the dpkg command or whatever, although that's still an option.

So to end this long unstructured ramble, I guess things have reached critical mass in the Linux ecosystem where for me it "just works". This whole thing is really really good now. Thanks to all involved! Fantastic job guys and gals 😀

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