Appwrite, the open-source BaaS gains storage bucket support, faster cloud functions, and a new CLI in v0.13.


Hey, Appwrite maintainer here 👋

We’ve been hard at work over the past month on Appwrite v0.13! This release adds storage buckets, S3 storage adapters, large file support, and faster cloud functions. These key changes to Appwrite’s Storage and Functions services allows your Appwrite instances to better integrate with external storage adapters for more performance and scalability.

Here’s everything new in Appwrite v0.13:

Storage Buckets: Buckets allows you to group files together under the same permissions and settings. Each bucket has settings for accepted file types, max file size, toggleable file encryption, and toggleable file scans.

Storage Adapters with S3 Support: You can now use S3 and S3 compatible services like DigitalOcean spaces as the storage adapter for Appwrite, adding flexibility and scalability.

Support for (very) Big Files: Appwrite now lets you work with much larger files through chunked uploads. The 16 GB file uploads will no longer devour all your memory!

CLI v2.0: Appwrite CLI is now decoupled from Docker and provides a better workflow when deploying Cloud Functions to Appwrite.

Faster Functions Service: Functions service received a major step up in performance and supports synchronous and asynchronous function execution. The Functions runtime now supports compiled languages like Swift and Rust.

Even More OAuth Providers – OAuth with Notion, Stripe and Microsoft added + support for OAuth Refresh tokens.

More Ways to Log – LogOwl joins Sentry, AppSignal, and Raygun as Appwrite's supported loggers.

Check out everything we shipped this time around 👇

If it’s your first time hearing about Appwrite, it’s an open source backend-as-a-service that abstracts all the complexity involved in building a modern application by providing you with a set of REST APIs for your core backend needs. Appwrite handles user authentication and authorization, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and more. With SDKs for Web, Flutter, iOS and Android, and most server side languages, Appwrite allows you to build secure apps faster.

We'd love to get your feedback as we move toward v1.0 of Appwrite. Community feedback and contributions have been a major guiding force for Appwrite and we’re always looking to improve as we move forward. Let us know about your thoughts by opening issues on GitHub, engaging with us here on Reddit, or joining our Discord community.

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