Anecdote: Why knowing command line (from using Linux) can save lives


I am a resident physician at a hospital and yesterday, the hospital I work at has everyone's computer be a Windows virtual machine. Mine was freezing every few seconds, stopping me from taking care of patients, some of them critically ill and unstable, since something that should take a few seconds would require several minutes to do including ordering medicine. I was unable to reboot the computer since they locked down the power options and there is no physical machine to turn off. I initially called tech support to get them to reboot my computer which took 30 minutes to get someone because they outsourced it to the Philippines. During the wait, I got the brilliant idea to see if cmd was locked down and it wasn't. I quickly googled the reboot command, typed it in, and it worked just as I got connected to tech support. In fact I believe this is the only way I could have done it as the tech support guy couldn't figure out what I meant by rebooting my computer and couldn't locate my computer either.

Moral of the story is knowing command line (which I did from using Linux) can save you in very unexpected settings.

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