After 15 years using Windows, switching to Linux feels like escaping from a dictatorship.


Hello dear Linux community,

after now having switched to Linux (Ubuntu) and using it for 6 months, I just needed to voice how free I feel now compared to when I was using windows. I think this will be the closest I will ever come to escaping a dictatorship and enjoying the life of a free man.

After a bit of a learning curve, breaking my system multiple times 😉 and a couple really frustrating moments (Wayland and screen sharing Software argh), there is not a single thing I can't imagine doing in Linux.

You have a problem? There is most certainly someone else who had the same problem and either found a solution or an alternative. The best thing about all of this is in contrast to solving issues in Windows, which generally left me feeling like a soulless ghoul, solving problems in Linux always made me feel more powerful. It's like going to the gym and lifting weights. First it hurts, but after a couple of months you walk like Hercules and get addicted to the feeling of lifting weights.

Linux just feels like pure power and I really hope that it grows even more in the future, because I honestly can't see any downgrades (besides gaming maybe) as of now.

I just want to say a general THANK YOU to the whole Linux community! I feel like hugging each one of you guys!


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