A discussion about malware on Linux


With the release of the steam deck and the Windows 11 new requirements I believe that the Linux community should have a serious discussion about malware (and no it probably isn't "the year of Linux" but I believe we will see a small influx). Yes maybe the underline kernel is more secure than NT but A) That doesn't mean it isn't exploitable B) It's not the biggest attack vector, and yes the underlining utilities are a lot more stable and tested but hidden exploits are still found (for example CVE-2021-3156). As for the "open source is more secure" argument my opinion is "well it depends" for something like the Linux kernel absolutely but it may be the same or worst for things that don't get that much attention.
Until now we had the advantage of low numbers and most of the people using Linux were enthusiasts which means that the know not to run sus.sh now both of these are going to change (and if not now as the old joke says in 5 years, hopefully). The Windows ecosystem has had years developing AVs and other countermeasures for this and while yes forced updates can be handled a lot better, there is no denying that they are very, very useful (as proven by Linux Mint). Yet I see no one talking about this, I am missing something, being pessimistic or do others have this concern too?

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