A Call To Action For Linux Developers!


Yesterday I made a post asking people what they didn't like or wanted changed about Linux as a whole, this includes everything from the kernel to a specific distro or desktop. In this post I will outline some of the most prevalent problems people came up with, ranked in order of most discussed to least discussed. I am hoping that this post will serve as a call to arms for Linux developers (myself included) to solve this problems so we can improve the Linux experience as a whole.

Disclaimer: this most is merely a study of the data collected off of my previous post and an outline of what Linux "needs" most. Personally I believe Linux is nowhere near "complete" but these problems are the first step in forever improving it.

1. Audio and Bluetooth

one of the most common answers I received was people having trouble with Bluetooth or having problems with audio as a whole, I know that PipeWire is becoming more and more advanced and may overtake PulseAudio soon but audio and Bluetooth are definitely both places to focus on especially with many new Bluetooth and wireless audio devices being released.

2. GPU/Graphics issues

the second most common issue I received was graphics and GPU driver issues, a lot of this is out of our control with proprietary drivers being released and without Linux support. but optimization and perfecting what we do have is the key to a more enjoyable and usable Linux experience with less graphical based issues.

3. End User Experience and Cosmetic Polish

I understand this issue is mostly solving itself with the release of things like gnome40 and the endless amounts of customization artists and designers but many aspects of Linux can be made easier for the end user while still retaining the benefits their counterparts provide ie. using the terminal is very fast and efficient but very daunting for new users. this problem could mostly be solved through better documentation and support as well as making Linux feel less like a large en devour and more like a simple upgrade.

4. Accessibility and Hardware support

the final problem that I received commonly was issues related to accessibility and hardware support such as fingerprint readers, ID scanners, and even non external hardware like hard drives and sound chips. one of the most important things we can do to make Linux more common on the desktop would be removing many of the issues that unearth themselves right out of the box (especially in large companies using Linux on many workstation example: hospitals using badge scanners) solving this issue would result in more user friendly and less complicated setup and optimization.

5. Polish On an important side note I think polishing the Linux experience both visually and with small quality of life updates is very important as it gives Linux a good first impression.

Important Links and Resources:

Linux Wiki how to submit patches how to submit drivers

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