2 years ago, installing linux on baytrail systems was a nightmare. Yesterday i tried it again and (almost) everything worked out of the box


Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I just wanted to share my sheer amazement.

TLDR: Two years ago it took an usb keyboard, a usb ethernet adapter, digging around in efi variables, wanting no sound at all and lots of patience and crashes to get an ASUS X205TA (or F205TA for that matter, but they seem to be the same) to boot. Tried it yesterday with xubuntu and besides an initial x86 UEFI loader for the x64 system it required no extra tinkering. I want to say thank you to everyone involved on making this magic happen every day.

For context: My wife is currently in the hospital and needed a device to pass time and to better communicate with people as her phone didn't really do it for her. Remembering that a lot of time had passed since my last installation of this monster and that i had to refer to two wikis 1 2 to get this thing remotely working before, i said fuck it to myself and tried it again.

After making an x86 efi grub standalone and patching a xubuntu iso to use it the thing just ran. Sure it crashed mid-installation because of the fucked up cstates on baytrail, but the well documented fix (refer to the wikis) did its job. After that it was just one config file to edit to make the headphone jack work and done. The xubuntu ubiquity installer even installed the right x86 grub onto the system. Something i had to do manually after the initial installation last time. It all just works out of the box.

And boy the performance difference to back then. It's like it is another notebook. Bundled with zswap you don't even notice the 2GB of RAM till you try Banished in Steam's Proton now that they killed the native linux support for it. But even then, the game runs way more smoothly than it did before. It's just amazing how much work has gone into each and every component of this beautiful ecosystem.

So wrapping up i want to say thank you to all of you for making this experience possible and making my wife's time in the hospital a little more endurable for her.

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